Cece Color Sense

A modern range of professional hair dyes with antioxidants and silk protein complex. Modern pigments, the most fashionable colours, large pack sizes, increased resistance to colour washing out and hair care effects are the most important distinguishing features of this product line.

The Color Sense line was created in response to the specific needs of the modern hairdressing market.  The range provides a high-quality, safe and effective tool th

Color Sense dye

The Sense is a range of 69 trendy hair dye shades that can be combined in any way you like. It features a creamy and velvety smooth texture and a delicate floral fragrance. It covers up to 100% of grey hairs and allows hair to be safely brightened by 3-5 tones.


Color Sense Peroxide Cream

Stabilised hydrogen peroxide in cream created specifically for Color Sense dyes.

It is available in four concentrations:  3%, 6%, 9%, 12%.